Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Iron Jackal

Chris Wooding once again writes an amazing story that makes you not want to stop reading until you finish it.  He draws you in with all the action and drama of one of the best books I have read in years.  I had to finish this in 2 days I couldn't stop reading it.  The people in this book make you feel like you are a part of their lives.
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The Pagan Lord (Saxon Tales)

This is an amazing story the story has great people and the author keeps you interested throughout the entire book.  This book has one of the best stories I have ever read the author doesn't let you stop reading with all the side stories going on and how in depth the author goes to make you believe in this story.  I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars and will read it more than once. 

Catholic Realism and the Abolition of War

This is an amazing book and you don't realize the true effects of war and what war really is without reading this book.  It is an amazing read and this author has a great way of trying to get his point across.  It describes why war should be abolished and all the harm it really causes.  I will have my friends and family read this book. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The CDA Prep Guide: The Complete Review Manual

This book does a complete review of process of becoming CDA and all the different processes that are involved in it.  This book has sample documents and ways to assess how you are doing in your field and what you need to do differently to become successful.  This book is worth owning even its just used as a refresher for all the information you already know.

Making It Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World

My child is very stressed out right now with school and trying to make new friends and just everyday life.  This book has a lot of activities that helped him relax and just be a child.  I also read this book to help my other friends with their children who are having a difficult time right now.  This author has a lot of good ideas and different ways to make children feel like children.  I haven't found a better book out there to help my child cope with stress than this book.

Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned

I am a history buff and this book has so many different things I learned in it about North Vietnam.  I read this book a few times and learned something new each time I read it.  The stories in this book inspire me to be a better person and fight for what I believe in. This is one of the best history based books I have read in a long time.  I let my cousin borrower this who is a history teacher and he was very impressed by it and how accurate it described the situation over there. 

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The Art of Thief

This book is another great piece of art.  This book has everything in it to make you want to play this video game.  The art and pictures in this book are so detailed that its amazing how well the people who created this put it together.  I let a few of my family members who play video games borrower this book and they couldn't stop reading it and look at the art work. 

The Art of Castlevania - Lords of Shadow

I am extremely interested in all sorts of different art books when it comes to video games and this one was one of the best put together art books I have ever read in my life.  The pictures really bring the game to life and make you want to play it instantly.  I went out and bought this game based on the art work alone.  I can't say enough good things about this book.  I am going to show it to all my friends and get them to go out and buy it as well it was amazing. 

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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

This book is amazing and everything you need to know about health and nutrition for young children is in this book.. It is an essential book for anyone going into this field for their career.  This book is one of the most interesting books about this subject that I have ever read.  I have a few co-workers who are in this field that I let review this book and they all told me they couldn't stop reading.  This book is more than just a text book it is a manual for everyday life if you have children. 

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Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Business Analytics

This is an amazing text book that teaches all the different things about business analytics and how to use it.  I let a friend who was taking this class in college use it and he said he learned so much from it and it will definitely be used in the future of his life.  Every chapter you learn something new about this subject.  I found it very interesting and couldn't stop reading about it and learning all new things I never knew about before.  This book is a must have for anyone taking this class or a similar class in college. 

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