Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions

Ricochet has proven that regardless of how big or small you are and whether or not you speak to others in English or Doglish one person or animal in this case can make a difference. Countless lives and hearts have been touched by Ricochet with all the Pawspiring things she has done. Judy is a wonderful person for realizing that Ricochets journey in life was different from what she originally intended but the fact she allowed her to be herself and do what she was truly meant to do is wonderful. Rina is a wonderful soul also and her personality and goodwill ambassador work does not go unnoticed. This book was truly moving and a must read!

Any Other Name: A Longmire Mystery

As usual Craig Johnson can never disappoint me with his Walt Longmire series! I just finished the book and I am really sad that I now have to wait however long for the next one to appear! As usual Lucian and Vic always mange to steel the spotlight with their sarcastic and abrasive humor ! Vic as always is back with her fowl mouth quotes and quick whit. She never fails to make me laugh As does Lucian Connolly the crust old former boss who as we know taught him everything! Of course Henry Standing Bear shows up and throws his own brand of dry humor and wisdom into the mix, and as usual poor Walt always seem to come out all bang up in the end! I'm not going into detail cause you have to read it to get all the punch lines to the quotes that a flung throughout the book! So grab it up and get your Longmire on!

Making Happy: The Art and Science of a Happy Marriage

An excellent program for all couples. An effective way to see if, in fact, you are continuing to show respect, honor, affection and enough love for your spouse. I plan to do this every five years or so just to keep our relationship as near perfect as possible.

What ever you do, do not write in the book. Make copies so you can retake the exercises. Well worth every penny involved. Bottom line, Les and Leslie really helped me get my act together!  This book did a excellent job of helping me figure things out.

If You Were Here

If You Were Here" is the third Alafair Burke mystery I've read. Burke's writing style is good, tending to description, not sparkling but gets the job done. Burke's strength, though, is in her plotting. Just when you think the mystery is solved, you're thrown a curve and more is revealed. In this case, I was fooled twice.  This book was great and fun to read, the author did a wonderful job of keeping the reader interested in the book. 

The Detective & The Pipe Girl: A Mystery

This is an amazing story about crime and corruption.  The author makes you feel like you are in the story and whatever happens to the people in the book happens to you.  This book is a story you can't put down until you finish it.  I read this book two times so far to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I will definitely tell my friends and family about this book and how much fun I had reading it. 

Next Life Might Be Kinder

Howard Norman's Next Life Might Be Kinder is a moving story about the power of love and the effects grief can have on a person. Norman was tremendously skilled in creating Sam's character, imbuing him with flaws so you're not sure whether to pity him completely or wonder if he really has lost his grip on reality. I also found Elizabeth's character really fascinating—you understand the attraction between these two people but wonder if their mercurial nature might have led to the demise of their relationship if she had lived.

This was a tremendously well-written book. You really felt the strength of Sam's love for Elizabeth and his grief and anger about her death. It's a difficult book to read because of its subject matter, but it is a very powerful one that really resonates.  This book was an excellent read and I will let all my friends borrower it.  I will find more books written by this author as well.
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