Saturday, June 27, 2015

Virtues Of War

A friend suggested I try Virtues. I didnt think I would like it as I dont read scifi - but was I ever wrong. if you like a character driven plot then you will love this book too. Strong characters and a great female lead. A plot line I couldnt put down. It's great on so many levels. As I read it I could see a movie of it playing as the visual images are so well described. Not usually my genre but this story had me gripped. No weird aliens. All the characters are human. Colonists have formed a separate federation and have revolted and and are taking over the old world and building their own space travel gates. Fantastic space war action, mixed with seemingly current day thoughts, desires. jealousies etc. It really did feel as if this ex-naval officer took what he knew of the navy and war today and projected it two millennia

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