Sunday, August 17, 2014

Next Life Might Be Kinder

Howard Norman's Next Life Might Be Kinder is a moving story about the power of love and the effects grief can have on a person. Norman was tremendously skilled in creating Sam's character, imbuing him with flaws so you're not sure whether to pity him completely or wonder if he really has lost his grip on reality. I also found Elizabeth's character really fascinating—you understand the attraction between these two people but wonder if their mercurial nature might have led to the demise of their relationship if she had lived.

This was a tremendously well-written book. You really felt the strength of Sam's love for Elizabeth and his grief and anger about her death. It's a difficult book to read because of its subject matter, but it is a very powerful one that really resonates.  This book was an excellent read and I will let all my friends borrower it.  I will find more books written by this author as well.
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