Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inventions That Didn't Change the World by Julie Halls

Inventions that didn't change the world was a curious and good reading. You can see all the past attempts of technologies that never were. Some of them could be interesting is developed but others were just silly, useless (according to our current expectations, of course), a waste of time and money if they ever had been materialized. Also it was interesting to see how the advancements of science at those times (19th century) were conceived. I would say that the difficult in many of the proposed inventions could be precisely because the "inventors" of many of them didn't still have the technical requirements to fulfill them, both, in the design but also in the way that design would work (the lack of motored movement), for example. Another thing that I liked about the book is that is a good and esthetic design, hardcover with golden embroidered letters, something that is very rare with most books these days. So for everyone interested in past technology, inventions that never were, this is a highly recommended

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