Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2015

While I was happy to get the latest guide my only gripe about the 2015 edition is the cover photo featuring a scene of California Adventures. It is extremely out of date and looks like it belongs to a pre-2009 edition. I'm shocked this was allowed to go to print. Since this shouldn't reflect the information within the pages I still give it five stars.

Now for the review of the book and the series...

These guides have always been extremely helpful for us. Time and again, following the day plans, we've had stress free trips that actually leave us with plenty of time to do whatever we want afterwards. From the time you arrive at the esplanade to eating, planing hotels, shopping, and taking a break from your day the guide is a great primer for those new to the park and regulars. Updated yearly the guide accounts for changes in park attendance behaviors and attraction additions and subtractions. Sehlinger's team also provides a guide on peak attendance days at the resort. These guides have evolved each year with the parks.

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