Sunday, October 12, 2014

The American Boomerang

While not viewed through "rose colored glasses", this is an honest, forthright, and affectionate assessment of America and what this country of independent citizens have contributed to the world. Author Adams encourages and tells it like it is. Flawed? Yes. But able to boomerang back from the precipice and regain what we've lost in the last 100 years of liberalism and wrong-headed, greedy, self-service "public servants" (what a joke!) whose self-interest was put above the very people they were/are paid to represent.

I needed a book with hope. In "The American Boomerang" I found that. It won't be without cost and sacrifice, but it is possible and until and unless we start believing that, nothing will change for the better.
This book was an excellent read and I couldn't put it down. 

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