Friday, May 15, 2015

Church of Marvels: A Novel

What made this book amazing for me were definitely the descriptions and the characters. The writing is beautiful but at the same time dark and gritty and the way the author painted the images, I could clearly see them in my head. The setting in New York near the end of 19th century was fantastic, with amazing details that made me feel as if I really went back in time and solved riddles with the characters. And speaking of them, Leslie Parry created a truly wide range of diverse characters, each of them unique and interesting. Even though I couldn’t sympathize
with all of them, still none of the characters were boring, whether main or secondary, and all of them played a part in the story. The plot had a lot of twists and turns but the best thing was that even when you manage to guess or predict a few of them, they still turn out a bit different and you’re still surprised. Sometimes I had a feeling that the story got a bit too dark for my taste, but I guess that’s what made the whole atmosphere.

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