Saturday, October 24, 2015

Madden NFL 16 Official Strategy Guide: Standard Edition (Prima Official Guide)

I would recommend this to this to anyone. It covers the new draft champions mode in Madden 16. It will also give you a breakdown of what attributes do as well as which positions you want to value each attribute which will help those new to Madden as well as those who are not.

This book also has many plays to give your offense and defense a head start , these plays are very effective on both sides of the ball and you will an edge on your competition with these as well. Memorize or refer back to these plays and make your own adjustments to fit a scheme that you create around them as well , this has helped out a lot. You will love some of the newer plays in madden 16 as well.

If you play MUT ( Madden Ultimate Team) it will also give you some help there as well. A well rounded book that covers fantasy , draft champions, attributes, top plays in madden 16 , MUT and more! This book is one that I trust and have gained a lot from.

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