Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Last September

THE LAST SEPTEMBER is the story of marriage --- one not of romance or intimacy but of doubt, insecurity and, ultimately, trauma. Emotionally raw and terribly realistic, the novel tells the story of a young wife who, never fully secure or content in her marriage, must face the loss of her husband and the unresolved feelings that entails. Yet author Nina de Gramont balances the sorrow found here with some interesting themes such as forgiveness, grief, love and the power of poetry.

Charlie and Brett met at a college party hosted by Charlie's brother, Eli, years ago. They shared a magical night together and then went their separate ways. After just that one night, Brett developed a deep affection for Charlie. But Eli warned her that his brother was a womanizer, so she did her best to move on. And, in fact, Brett ended up engaged to Ladd, a childhood friend of Charlie and Eli's. Just before Brett and Ladd were to be married, Charlie comes back into her life. She walks away from her engagement and enters into a whirlwind yet ultimately unsatisfying relationship with Charlie.

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