Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pope Francis and the New Vatican

This is another excellent publication done with all the expertise of National Geographic. One learns about Pope Francis, reads his words from his faith and his life, and one gets to visit through the Vatican through the marvelous pictures. Here is a person who knows Christ and has such a lively and simple faith from that acquaintance. The pictures of Papa Francisco show that bulldog determination at times and also at most others the joy from walking with Christ. " gaudius magnus, Habemus Papa."

MAGNIFICENT book. Incredible pictures, brief, meaningful commentary, and of a fine quality.
Photographer spent six months, and captured Francis as I have never seen him. Displays or brings out a full range of emotions. Joyous, touching, amazing.... It will be here on my coffee table for the foreseeable future.
And will make Christmas shopping easy this year.

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