Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best of The Best Family Favorites Cookbook

The compilation of recipes enclosed within this book is very nicely put together. I was very pleased that it included some creative breakfast options and a nice selection of vegetable and side recipes which I always seem to be in need of. Being that the case, I began with Green Beans with Honey-Roasted Pecans. When I saw “honey-roasted pecans” I almost instantly began thinking of substitutes because as we all know, when purchased as such, the already steep nut, only becomes more costly and is not a common household staple. How surprised I was when the recipe included instructions on how to prepare at home with only 2 ingredients! Cooking the green beans in the broth gave them just the right seasoning. The honey-roasted pecans complimented the tang of the bell pepper and the brackish nature of the stock creating a well balanced, pleasing side dish without overpowering the main dish. 

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