Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best of the Best Presents Favorite Slow-Cooker Recipes

What have I not made from this book is the question? I moved to western New York, December of last year. Having been born and raised in San Diego, California, I experienced my first real winter. I came with a repertoire of fresh and cold served recipes which although delicious, was not appetizing in negative degree weather.  In addition to being in desperate need of comforting and delicious recipes, I had also never really used a slower cooker other than to keep food warm at parties. This book has revolutionized my kitchen! These recipes are hearty, flavorful, easy, and my favorite- time saving. I began with Ham with Apple Mustard Sauce (page 149). I made this recipe for a small dinner gathering. The presentation of the dish itself was pleasing (my guests had no idea just how easy this was) and the aroma only made it that much more alluring. The ham was juicy and infused with flavor. Next I took on the New England Clam Chowder (page 43). Who doesn't love clam chowder? I made clam chowder once using fresh clams and was discouraged as it was pricey and my overall dish lacked body, texture, and more clams. When I looked over this recipe I was skeptical, where’s the heavy whipping cream and canned baby clams? I made it anyway and it was AMAZING! I will never order clam chowder at a restaurant again. I loved this recipe for many reasons. The ingredients were simple, yet with the cooking time, it came together perfectly. There was flavor (not fishy), texture, and the body of the chowder could not be better.  The Split Pea and Canadian Bacon Soup (page 54) was very palatable as well. This came to much surprise to my hubby and son, both commented on how delicious this soup was and quite appropriate for our current crisp Autumn weather. I can go on and on, I will finish making mention of the Slow- Roasted Potatoes (page 163)- never did I think to make roasted potatoes in a slow cooker- the consistency of the potatoes was ideal- not overcooked, and a perfect accompaniment to just about any protein based entrĂ©e. Looking forward to making Apricot Chicken (page 122) and Sweet and Sour Ribs (page 156).

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