Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thrive Energy Cookbook

A few years ago I found myself in the very unhealthy and uncomfortable situation of being overweight.  I had tried numerous diets none to which I stuck and none of which I can now say provided the nutrition my body needed. It became a journey for knowledge which led to changing not only the way I ate, but the way I viewed food, and an overall lifestyle transformation. In this quest I learned about something I had never heard about- super food-foods that are nutrient-dense and aid in the prevention and healing of many illnesses and diseases. This book comes packed with information starting with a pantry list and their properties that make them healthy choices. Good-bye coffeehouse Chai tea lattes and frozen pre-made black bean patties! Having a sweet-tooth the Cashew Berry French Toast (page 49) was a must have. Ingredients to this and every recipe are meticulously listed as well as clear instruction as to the preparation of the food item. I was astonished at how relatively simple the preparation to such a delicious meal was. It was not excessively sweet as most French toast breakfasts tend to be, the combination of spices with the natural sweetness of the almond milk and strawberries used in the topping were symphonic. Crunchy outside; soft warm inside, and the silky creaminess added by the coconut crème made the maple syrup an option, but definitely not a necessity. Moving on to lunch, I made the Avocado, Black Bean & Chiptole Burger (page 98). This book is awesome in that it provides the recipe to make the basic staple such as the patti and then continues on to use it in a number of diverse and palatable recipes. I guarantee that animal protein will not be missed.  My absolutely favorite recipe is a simple one, but I cannot get enough of it- the Vanilla-Almond Chai Tea Latte. I now keep the Latte Spice Mix as a staple in my pantry and do not feel guilty when enjoying this treat as I’m not spending $5.00 nor consuming a vast number of empty calories. Bursting with valuable information and infused with flavor, this book is a must-have for anyone, in any stage of life.

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